Friday, 21 February 2014

A whole week of nothing

At the end of last weekend's run, my knee had started to hurt. And then it started to hurt some more. I think what had happened was this; my right ankle had been off, so I ran to accommodate it. And by doing that my left knee took a hammering.

By Monday I was both limping and googling NHS and sports websites before finding out that, yep, I'd finally got runner's knee. Patello-femoral pain syndrome to say it properly. It serves me right, really. I'd not been stretching before I went out or cross-training or any of that stuff. And my weekly training plans had gone from a 'studied, stick-with-it routine' to nothing from Monday to Friday and then a long run on the Saturday. As I say; it serves me right. My legs just haven't been strong enough.

I'm just glad it's happened now and not a week before the Marathon. Or even during the Marathon itself - can you imagine? Having to limp out at the 15 mile mark? Oh man. That'd be crushing.

Anyway. I hope to be back on track tomorrow, or in a day or two at least. And I bought a strap (as you can see in the photo above). Already it's elicited comments, my favourite being 'why's your leg come dressed as Pussy Riot'?

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