Monday, 30 December 2013

December 30th, 2013

A grim day. Clouds at head height, squally winds and cold rain. It half felt like doing cross country at school and, at one point, I expected my old PE teacher appear, sat in his car with a fag on and the window rolled down, shouting 'Legs, lad. Legs!'. 

We stopped at a cafe in West Dulwich for a sugary brew half way round. While there, their a-board sign blew into the road and almost caused a crash, and I ran outside to get it (film rights available). Also, the free leaflets on the counter seemed like props from an inner circle of middle-class hell. Etiquette classes, ffs. And an advert for an all-male string quartet whose show includes 'beat boxing, instrument-swapping and fire!'. They all seemed to be called Giles, these guys. And they all looked like proper bellends on their photo.

Of course, the weather brightened up later but it was (say it softly) almost fun to be out and about in the sopping wet. Let's see how we go.

Andy in Brockwell Park.

Today's route.

Distance - 7.4 miles/ 11.9km.
Time - we didn't check, and stopped for a cup of tea halfway round, but I reckon it was about 1h35 including that 15m stop. Not too bad really, considering it's post-Christmas and its horn of plenty (booze and tabs).

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