Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Eve, 2013

We even dragged ourselves out today. Imagine that. All done in the knowledge that tonight's NYE celebrations would be drunken and there's little chance we'll be going out tomorrow or even Thursday.

And the result was (for me, anyway) a leaden lurch in yet more pissy weather. We found a steep hill to run up and the usual thing happened - Andy did great, and my grand gesture dissolved into stopping, walking and coughing a lot.  I was so 'committed' to this training that I even took a phone call halfway round (A 'Don't let me stop you running', answered with 'oh don't worry. I'm quite happy to stop. You keep talking').


Distance: 4miles/ 6.3km
Time: 40m.

Total distance so far: 11.4 miles/ 18.2km

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