Friday, 3 January 2014

January 3rd, 2014

Andy's sick, so it was just me today - putting off the run for ages by blaming the weather (which was ropey) but also the state of my fridge, and the socks that needed pairing, and those books that needed putting into alphabetical order. But I finally got my arse into gear at around four, and ended up really enjoying it. 

There were no eight minute miles to be had today but it went well, and I did 4.6* miles in just over 44 minutes, something I'm happy with for now. Especially considering that some of that distance was up Kirkdale, SE23 - a relentless sod of a hill that looks gentle and short, but seems to go on and on and up and up.

And okay, okay. I ran DOWN that bastard near to Sydenham Hill station. The one I was supposed to run UP.

*And yes. I know we have to do six times that distance.

Wooo-oooo. Spooky, eh.

Dulwich college. I'm blaming the blurriness of this photo on how fast I was going.

Distance: 4.6miles/ 7.5km
Time: 44 minutes.
Total distance (Elliot): 16miles/ 25.7km

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