Thursday, 9 January 2014

January 9th

I knocked on for Andy and he shuffled out from his sick bed, coughing and hacking and limping and dripping with sweat.  'Don't make me go', he pleaded. 'Please'. It was pretty embarrassing.

But we did 10km (the same route as Tuesday night) and it went well, with Andy even managing the 'Sydenham Hill bastard' (which I didn't). Catching our breath at the top, we watched as a guy sprinted up and down the damned thing like an excitable terrier - up, then down. Up, then down - his sweatless head shining under the streetlamps.

'What a fucking wanker', we both said.

Distance: 6.2miles/ 10km
Time: An hour?
Total distance: (Andy): 17.6m/ 28.2km
Total distance (Elliot): 39.9m/64.2km

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